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Copenhagen: CPH PRO

I recently went on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. There were a few skate contests going on a Beauty & The Beast tour stop and many many all nighters. You can go to every other skate site right now and find footage of the finals and best trick, which gets old after the third time you see Malto nollie flip the hip. So I tried my best to capture a slightly different perspective. Hope you enjoy.

Oh I also recently caught up with Copenhagen and sat her down for a little Q&A.

Me: So Copenhagen, loved my time there! Can you explain yourself to someone who has never visited you?

Copenhagen: Awh thanks, you can call me CPH for short. Well I’d describe myself as sunny and very attractive. I don’t really sleep much. I think I have a drinking problem and all that stuff. I eat really well though. I spend all my money because my currency is hard to understand.

Me: Interesting. Wow! Did you enjoy the company from all the skaters last week?

CPH: Most certainly! They shred! Hey, sorry, I’ve gotta hop on my bike and go, there’s a futbol game at the pub and a pint with my name on it. See ya soon?

Me: Yes, hopefully! Take care

– Eric McHenry

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Check out Eric’s BLOG here!

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Which One’s Ping? Art Show & Party Photos!

Todd Bratrud Paddles

Check out the photos from the Which One’s Ping? Art Show we had last Thursday at Krochet Kids HQ in Costa Mesa. Colt 45 came through with a ton of beer and we even had a ton of free Sake for everyone. Todd Bratrud, Eric McHenry, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Lance Mountain, Michael Hsiung, Russ Pope, Tristan Ellis, Danielle Hassan, Corey Cady, Deluxe Artists, Chris Pastras among others all painted ping pong paddles and also displayed original artwork and a few of them even did installations for the show on the walls. The place was packed and our friend Kohl from Krochet Kids ended up winning the Ping Pong Tournament and the surfboard that went along with it! Thanks to everyone involved; Ambiguous, Krochet Kids and all the Artists!

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Russ Pope Installation Video

Photos Below: Mikal Howard

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Toms Give Event Moving Pictures

 Moving Pictures- “…encompasses individual motion pictures, the field of film as an art form…  Films are produced by recording images from the world with cameras…” Check the collection of moving pictures, that have been place in an order to tell the story of Active Ride Shop’s “Give” Event at the Irvine Spectrum. “Give” featured a fundraiser for Toms Shoes and Krochet Kids Intl.  The event included insane artists customizing folks Toms shoes and bands entertaining. Notables were, artist and rising star Eric McHenry from North Cackalacka getting down and Dustin Kensrue of Thrice, putting on an amazing solo performance. Check the moving picture show good buddy Daniel Duarte threw together for our viewing pleasure!

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