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Enjoi Signing Photos!

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Cairo Foster couldn’t end up making it out, but Louie Barletta, Jerry Hsu, and Caswell Berry all flew in from their home front, San Jose, to be at the El Segundo Active Signing.

The guys signed a ton of autographs on all sorts of different objects people brought in. We held an Enjoi art contest for a hooked up Enjoi package, which included some special treats that only Enjoi would include. We also had a Game of Skate for an Active Package outside of the store.

There were winners, losers, and there were phallic drawings courteousy of Mr. Barletta, an artist amongst commoners. The South Central skate crew was in full effect and the Enjoi guys conquered and returned home to San Jose within hours, well played.

Thanks to Paul Sharpe, the Enjoi Team, DWINDLE, Corey, Maggi, and the Active El Segundo crew for helping make this happen.

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