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Taco Shoesday Emerica Herman G6 Shoe!


Taco Shoesday is upon us once again and those street tacos never look better on any other day than a Tuesday!  Emerica has just released the Herman G6 and this shoe has all the shoe tech you’d want from a skate shoe, so let’s get right to it!  First off the shoe was designed by pro skateboarder Bryan Herman and features a one solid piece panel covers the toe cup and Ollie area for durability and provides you with a better flick.  The footbed features a high-rebound lightweight foam cushion to give you the added comfort, while the new three part midsole improves stability, performance as well as cushions the feet for those heavy impacts.  A solid heel tread panel reduces effects of heel drag wear, making your shoes last longer.  Then you have the side wall breathable mesh that helps keep your foot dry and cool.  Overall this shoe was built for the skating community and has been designed specifically to keep the most worn down parts of the shoe more durable, strong and tough.  The shoe is lightweight with enough padding in the footbed, tongue and collar to keep you skating through the night.  The Emerica Herman G6 is the way to go if you’re trying to check out some new shoes to shred up!

Emerica Herman G6




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