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Matix x Krooked Shmoo Facebook Drawing Contest!

Hey! Shmoo you! It’s time to get that doodling you’ve been doing in class to good use! Here’s your chance to win a signed Mike Anderson Krooked deck as well as some of his signature clothing from Matix! Heck, we’ll even throw in a set of his own Spitfire Wheels for you!

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Daryl Angel Drawing Contest

Here’s how to enter…Draw a picture of Daryl Angel and post it up on our Facebook wall or tag us in the photo.  You can draw or use any picture you want, so be creative, Google Daryl images here.

We’re going to have our fans vote on the winner one week from today. The winner will receive a Habitat deck, DVD, wheels, and wax. So get your crayons out and get to work!





If you can’t draw not to worry, we are giving away another Habitat package here. All you have to do is enter & win.