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Vol4 2nd Year Anniversary @ BLACK

It was the second year anniversary for Volume 4. The best place for this was at the infamous BLACK bar in L.A. Kicking out the jams that night with the LSDJ‘s (Nuge, Gabe, J.Roy) and turned it up even more with The Blackouts (Atiba & Ako Jefferson). Congrats to Don “Nuge” Nguyen, Sammy Baca, & all the Baker Boys homies on the anniversary. Live Heavy, Travel Light. LISTEN TO VOLUME 4!

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Nuge’s Top 5 Pho Spots

I’m assuming you know by now what pho is… if not here’s a quick breakdown: Pho is a Vietnamese comfort food. Basically it’s noodle soup with meat (or no meat if preferred) as well as street basil leaves and bean sprouts. You might add some chopped up jalapeno if you want a little spice in your life, mixed in with hoison sauce and chili paste… add some egg rolls on your order, why not? Good for those cold days or if you just want to eat some noodles and soup. Active pro, Don Nguyen (a Viet himself) eats pho all the time!
Here’s a list of his top 5 places in Southern California:

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Comune – Industry Profile

Recently, the good folks at COMUNE gave us a tour of their workspace/gallery/creative think-tank/sometimes home, and this is what we found…

Skateboarding, fashion, art, music… COMUNE has there finger on the pulse!

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filmed & edited by erik bragg

Enter to win a Comune prize package & shop COMUNE here: