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Girl Skateboards X Sanrio Collab

Girl Skateboards is in collaboration with Sanrio once again.  Last time they collaborated together they brought you a very limited Hello Kitty style deck.  Well now we’ll see an entire collection series feature all 12 of your little sister’s favorite Sanrio characters.  They’re a good series to own whether you’re a guy or a girl,  it’d look pretty sweet up on your wall.  Can you name all the characters?!  Coming soon…to Activerideshop.com


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Play REALIEN and WIN!!!

All you have to do is play REALIEN INVADERS, then take a  Screenshot of your highest score and tag us on Facebook. We’ll announce the winner by February 10th 2012, and if you’ve got the highest score we’ll set you up with a really sweet Real Skateboards prize package! So whaddya got to lose…oh yea…Aliens blasting you away in space!!


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