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Behind the Ad David Loy

Quick and Sketchy look at Jon Dragonette’s photo shoot of Active Ride Shop Team Rider David Loy. While trials and tribulations abound on scene while shooting any trick, David Loy conquers all haters… much the same with his life. Film/Edited by team manager fuckface charlie.


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The Active Am Phoenix Trip Video

Active Ride Shop Ams barged one of skateboarding’s raddess contest, Phoenix Am. Featuring the skateboarding of Chris Gregson, Clint Walker, Kyle Walker, Denzel White, David Loy, Ethan Loy, Alex Valdez, and Chase Webb. Thanks to all the locals we had blast! Phoenix every year!!! Filmed by Cady/Cox/Gregson. Edited by Marque Cox. Enjoy!

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David Loy’s Skate Movie Part

Active Am David Loy in Skate Movie. He’s got about five and a half minutes of shredding for ya!

Fast Times at David Loy High!

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Active Rider Ethan Loy – New Footage

Ethan Loy

Check out Active Rider Ethan Loy’s newest footage. Yes, Ethan is David Loy’s younger brother. Ethan is also the infamous Bryce Loy’s younger brother as well.

Check out this 13 year old ripper…

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Ethan Loy
D.O.B.: 12/26/95 – 13 years old
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Sponsors: Hurley flow, Autobahn Wheels flow, Destructo flow, Etnies flow, and Active Ride Shop
Years Skating: 5
Favorite Skaters: Stefan Janoski, Jerry Hsu, Shane O’Neal & Theotis Beasley
Favorite Skate Video: Subtleties

P Rod and Active take GOLD at X Games 15!

X Games 15 was off the hook all weekend. It was an amazing weekend and there was so much great skateboarding that went down. Active walked away with a Gold Medal for our second time at X Games Shop Challenge. Active’s shop team was: David Loy, Anthony Shebelski, Chase Webb, and Mike Franklin. After Anthony Shebelski hurt his ankle Andrew Langi came in as our pinch hitter. Active Rider Paul Rodriguez took home his 3rd Gold Medal in Street making him the first skater in X Games history to get three Gold Medals! Congrats to Paul!! Also, Rune Glifberg took home his second consecutive gold medal in Skateboard Park this year and our friend Christian Hosoi brought home the first Skateboard Legends Gold Medal. In Ladies Street, Marisa Dal Santo took home Gold! Congrats to everyone who made the podium and to those who made the finals in the events. Much more coverage on ESPN’s website as well as Transworld’s website.

All photos: Erica Yary

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