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Nike SB Debacle Video Premiere Photos

Nike SB Premiered their all HD Nike Am video last night featuring: Justin Brock, Shane O’Neill, Daryl Angel, Theotis Beasley, David Clark and Grant Taylor. The video will be available for free and downloadable at Nike’s website in a couple weeks. David Clark almost didn’t make it out to the premiere since he landed himself in the hospital after slamming earlier in the day. Great job to Jason Hernandez and the Nike SB Am Team and crew for putting together a rad video. Make sure you check it out at one of Active’s premieres before it ends up online!

Check out Shad Lambert’s photos from the night too!

Photos: Erica Yary

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Theotis Beasley Update

Theotis Bigheel

I got caught up with Theotis Beasley yesterday and found out what he’s been up to. Here’s the scoop. He’s been filming with Beagle and Jason Hernandez and skating a ton with the Nike crew -Daryl Angel, Grant Taylor, David Clark and Justin Brock. Theotis will be sharing a part with David Clark and Dan Plunkett in Debacle. Theotis says of Debacle that ‘Justin Brock will not disappoint’. Theotis went to China with the Nike SB crew and he was psyched to skate the best spots you don’t get kicked out of and it was cool to skate a bunch of the spots Chris Cole skates in the Fallen Video.

Theotis Beasley

He also said he has been skating the new Stefan Janoski’s and says they skate amazing – “They are a great vulcanized shoe and he is a super cool guy who is cool to be around and skate with.” Theotis is also going to be skating in the Maloof Money Cup’s Am Contest and he has a couple tricks in the Proof Video. Theotis will be at the Proof Premiere on June 5th at Active El Segundo as well as the Wallenberg Contest if you’re headed out to that. As for today, he will be at the Shake Junt BBQ they are having today celebrating Cinco De Mayo and celebrating the fact that Shake Junt now makes griptape.

Thanks to Theotis for the update and there is even more in the works with him that you shall soon see!

Photos: Jeremy Adams