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Daryl Angel Drawing Contest

Here’s how to enter…Draw a picture of Daryl Angel and post it up on our Facebook wall or tag us in the photo.  You can draw or use any picture you want, so be creative, Google Daryl images here.

We’re going to have our fans vote on the winner one week from today. The winner will receive a Habitat deck, DVD, wheels, and wax. So get your crayons out and get to work!





If you can’t draw not to worry, we are giving away another Habitat package here. All you have to do is enter & win.

Daryl Angel – Firing Line

Active Pro Daryl Angel gets caught in Thrasher Magazine’s Firing Line.

Here’s some other good Daryl footy found on some random website this month…

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Active Ride Shop carries the latest from all Daryl Angel’s sponsors, Habitat Skateboards, Nike SB, Royal, Bones Swiss, Spitfire, Diamond and MOB.

Daryl Angel Blogs – Europe to Portland

Active Rider Daryl Angel sent me some photos much like Chris Haslam did recently to show you what he’s been up to. Within the last month or so, Daryl went on a two week camping trip all throughout Europe with the Habitat Team. The RV trip started in Frankfurt and ended in Berlin. Shortly after he returned from the Euro trip, he shot over to Portland for another one week camping trip again with his Habitat comrades. Peep the photos of everyone from Silas Baxter Neil, Reda, Marius Syvanen and more.

Thanks for the photos Daryl!

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Habitat Welcomes Daryl Angel

Active team rider Daryl Angel has been on Habitat for a second now but… Habitat just released this video welcoming him to the team. We thought we would say congratulations to Daryl and relay the message. Visit Habitatskateboards.com for more details.

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