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Volcom Brand Spotlight

Volcom has been doin’ there thing for quite some time now. They have been industry leaders for over a decade and as you cruise around the stone’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, it’s very apparent.

We recently caught up with Remy and the crew to check out their place, hang at the Volcom house, see where they hide the tree ramp, and luckily… didn’t buy any steaks off some sketchy dude in a truck…

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Patrick Ryan Interview & Footage

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Check out Patrick Ryan’s footage on Element Skateboard’s website. Also, Tony fro Active did an interview with Patrick to go along with his footage you can also view above. Check it out!

Q: In the past year you’ve definitely stepped up your game, let’s start by letting everyone know who is hooking you up these days.

A: I  ride for Element, Indy, Quicksilver, Vans, Bones and Active.

Smith Grind

Q:  Element has a strong roster with Tony Tave, Atchley, the Muska and more.  Who on Element do you look up to?

A: Definitely Darrell Stanton and Tony Tave, they rip.

Q: Who do you like to skate with on a regular skate sesh, who do you call up first?

A: Usually Donovon Piscapo, he is an amazing skater… anyone that wants to go and skate!

Q: You are about to have some footage posted on the Element site, this will give everyone an opportunity to watch you fly around the concrete.  What do you see yourself doing in the next year, is there anything you want to get done?

A: Mainly continue to progress, learn more flip tricks, and travel with sponsors


Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank or say what up to?

A: My Mom and Dad, Donovon, Frankie, John, Anthony, Iggs, all my sponsors and of course, Active.

Patrick’s skate playlist: AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, CCR, Quit Riot and The Doors

Photo credit: Frankie Martinez

Interview: Tony Rea