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Ambiguous Industry Profile

What do Sean Conover, James Brockman, Sid Melvin, Clint Walker, JT Aultz, Jimmy Carlin, and Corey Duffel all have in common?

Well… For one, they all rip. For two, they’re all style. And fo sho’ they ride for Ambiguous! A brand as colorful and eclectic as the team.

So click it and kick it tight…

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Ambiguous Skate Jam Video

The Ambiguous team was in the house at Active Norco this past Saturday. With the Active Army street course in effect, it was an all out skate jam. We fired up the grill and served chili cheese hot dogs. Corey Duffel was flown in for the day. After the dogs were served, everyone cruised inside for a signing. Thanks to Sonny, the Ambiguous team and Brian Young for making this possible. Enjoy the footage from our good man Zachary Peacock put together!

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Ambiguous Skate Jam @ Norco Active

Join the Ambiguous Team for a nice afternoon shred at Norco Active Ride Shop. Everybody gets to skate and we’ll be serving up free BBQ.
Nov 14th 2pm 1295 Hamner Ave Ste B Norco, CA 92860

Slap Hands & skate with Ambiguous Riders:
Corey Duffel
JT Aultz
James Brockman
Sid Melivn
Sean Conover
Jimmy Carlin

Contest and chances for free stuff. No early sign ups necessary, anyone can participate!