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#CONSPROJECT #LA Making & Designing Skate Decks

Had a fun time in L.A. with CONS Project. CreateASkate‘s Chuck Hults‘ & The Hager bro’s Cody & Jared were there teaching kids how to size, shape, & make decks along with $LAVE Skateboard‘s Ben Horton & Converse Cons Lurkville‘s, Dolan Stearns on art design on decks. Here are a few photos from that day.

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Converse KA 3 Wear Test

The homies at Converse invited all the different skate shops out to test on Kenny Anderson‘s 3rd new shoe, the KA3 at The Berrics. It was the night just before the Agenda trade show going on in Long Beach. Thanks to J.Carp, Russ Pope, & everybody else at Converse for hooking it up.  Here’s a quick photo recap of the night…
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Converse Presents: Arctic & High On Fire

Inhaled some Arctic (featuring Active Pro’s Figgy & Nuge as well as Slave Pro, Frecks) into our lungs and burned our eyelashes off with High On Fire at the Echoplex. Good night! Thanks Converse!

they do pretty rad free shows internationally.
they do pretty rad free shows internationally.
Baker's Steve Hernandez & Emerica's Alex Galles
Baker’s Steve Hernandez & Emerica’s Alex Galles
Baker Boy's Justin Roy here at the merch booth! I bought a tee!
Baker Boy’s Justin Roy here at the merch booth! I bought a tee!
Arctic sets stage. Figgy on lead guitar.
Arctic sets stage. Figgy on lead guitar.

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Taco Shoesday Converse Chuck Taylor All Star!


If you could build your own custom taco for Taco Tuesday what would it have? how big would it be? and how many would you have?!  Well I’m pretty sure you’ll need some shoes to stroll down in so why not the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoe?!  Born Charles Hollis Taylor in rural Brown County in 1901, worked as a salesman and was soon hired by Converse.  He had design inputs on a new shoe, which included an All-Star patch.  Later on in 1923 Chuck Taylor’s name was added to the patch and became the Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

It’s a classic that’s worn by musicians, artists, celebrities, film makers and more, making it one of the most recognizable shoes in the world.   The shoe features a canvas upper with a heavy-duty rubber outsole, a rubber toe cap for some added durability and protection, metal eyelets for quick and easy lacing, plus it’s canvas-lined with a lightly padded footbed for some added comfort.  An old school pair of shoes, worn by many should remain a classic forever.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoe


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Go Skateboarding Day 2012 PHOTOS

Go Skateboarding Day is every day for the most of us, but on June 21st, it’s celebrated to the entire world! For our part, we celebrated #GSD2012 at our very own Headquarters in Mira Loma, CA!

Big thanks to everybody that came and all the brands for the support of skateboarding!
Major thanks to Monster for the new park set-up which included a vert wall, handrail, four block, and hubba.
Thanks to Vans & Volcom for holding it down on the best trick contest!
Congrats to Daniel Espinoza who won this year’s best trick with a bigger flip front board to fakie on the Monster rail!

(Stay tuned for footage. For now, check out the photos!)

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Behind the Ad David Loy

Quick and Sketchy look at Jon Dragonette’s photo shoot of Active Ride Shop Team Rider David Loy. While trials and tribulations abound on scene while shooting any trick, David Loy conquers all haters… much the same with his life. Film/Edited by team manager fuckface charlie.


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