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Show us your Sticks!

Congratulations to Kyle Brandt from Westminster, CA. He has the best sticker job on the mountain!

Who’s got the best sticker job on the mountain? Think you do… prove it! Just snap a shot of your board and go to Active ride shop’s Facebook page and tag your photo to our wall. The board with the best sticker stoke will win a pair of Sabre goggles, Sabre sunglasses, an Active board bag and a bunch of stickers from all your favorite companies… Contest ends Oct 30th.

(click on the image to go to our Facebook page)


shop Sabre here:

Markisa Giveaway!

CONGRATS TO LEO, EVELYN AND NEEL. They found the hidden image and won the wallets!

Today we’re giving away some PRod ATG Markisa wallets. To win it, you need to do two things.

1.  There is a hidden image somewhere on our website. Find it.

2. Post the item number that the image is found in on our Facebook Fan Page!

The first 3 people to post the item number up there will win the wallets. It’s that easy.


Shop Markisa here