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Girl Skateboards X Sanrio Collab

Girl Skateboards is in collaboration with Sanrio once again.  Last time they collaborated together they brought you a very limited Hello Kitty style deck.  Well now we’ll see an entire collection series feature all 12 of your little sister’s favorite Sanrio characters.  They’re a good series to own whether you’re a guy or a girl,  it’d look pretty sweet up on your wall.  Can you name all the characters?!  Coming soon…to Activerideshop.com


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4th Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown 2012 Photos!

It was a nice sunny day after a rainy one at the Wild West Arena in Winchester, CA. The beauty behind the lifestyle of doing it yourself & building your own is the story behind all these choppers, bobbers, & hot rods. This can relate to the skateboarding world in so many ways, that’s why most of these people are skateboarders or have a history in skateboarding! Despite of all the different cliques, garage shops, & motorcycle clubs, they were all gathered here for the love of what they live… to ride! It’s a close knit community. In the end, they were all “here for the beer!”
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Huf x Haroshi x DLX Collaboration

Huf has partnered up with Tokyo based artist Haroshi and skateboard distributor DLX and will be hosting a release event for the upcoming Huf x Haroshi x DLX collab on Saturday January 7th 2012 from 7pm – 11pm in Los Angeles.  The event will feature 6 original works done by Haroshi created for the collaboration and as well as a live performance by Tommy Guerrero, Money Mark, Ray Barbee and Fredo Ortiz, plus all collaboration product will be available for purchase.  There is no cover charge for entrance and there will be free food and drinks, send all RSVP’s to [email protected]


The Krooked Huf X Haroshi X DLX Zip Zinger Deck


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