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Kenny Anderson Earth Day – Part 1

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We followed Kenny Anderson and the Elwood Clothing Team around on Earth Day for some good times and great skateboarding. Here’s Part 1 of 2 of ‘Earth Day in the Life of Kenny Anderson’.

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Video: Erik Bragg

Elwood Earth Day – Photos & Wrap-Up

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Elwood and Active teamed up to bring our one of the best skateboarding teams in the world and some great promotions to Southern California for Earth Day, April 22nd. The entire Elwood Team including Dan Drehobl, Kenny Anderson, Anthony Pappalardo, Vincent Alvarez, Marquis Henry, and Silas Baxter Neal were all in the house.

The day was long and successful. It started out with meeting up at Kenny Anderson’s house where the team skated Kenny’s pool. From Kenny’s the posse took the WVO powered Mercedes and two Toyota Prius’ to Channel Street Skatepark in San Pedro. From the skatepark the Elwood team and crew headed over to Long Beach Active for a signing and a check in to see how the promotions were going. If you brought in an old pair of jeans, you’d get a discount on a new pair of Elwoods. If you brought in an old pair of Elwood jeans, you’d get a NEW pair of Elwood jeans, free of cost. Elwood also brought out a ton of stuff for give-a-ways and hooked up a ton of people who came out for Earth Day celebrations.

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Kenny Anderson Active Ad

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Check out Kenny Anderson’s new Active ad that is in the current issue of TheSkateboardMag and Transworld. Kenny drained his home’s pool and Alex Olson made a cameo in the ad along with Kenny’s daughter, Dianne. Here are a few behind the scenes photos of Kenny, Atiba Jefferson, and special guest, Alex Olson. We will also keep you updated as we find out when their band’s next performance is…


Girl / Chocolate Premiere Video

To celebrate the release of the Girl/Chocolate DVD Box Set, we held a video showing at Active Valencia. The box set includes their first four videos on DVD, plus all new footage from both teams. The box set is available for purchase here. Here’s a video wrapping up the event:

Footage by Dan Haney

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