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Heel Bruise Griptape Art Contest

Congratulations to Clarence!! The Heel Bruise guys picked yours as their favorite grip job!!

Nice work Clarence…nice work.



Black griptape with colored bolts…Boring! I like to see some creativity! And so do our friends over at Heel Bruise.

So here’s the contest: Send us a picture of your best griptape  job. It could be a quote from a song, a cool cut job or even a fancy art piece. Whatever it is, make it creative! Just take a picture of it and send it to [email protected] by July 9th. Richard and Thomas over from Heel Bruise will pick their favorite one. Here’s what you win:

  • 1 Heel Bruise hat
  • 2 Heel Bruise shirts
  • 1 sticker pack
  • 1 Heel Bruise Elephant Print. Limited Edition of 40 (size 19″ x 25″)




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…check out a few we’ve received so far

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The Quiet Life

We’ve talked about the famous “Art Dump” guys over at Girl Skateboards many times on the blog.  But, this time we’re going to focus on one individual, Andy Mueller.  Andy has been directing Lakai Footwear as a full time job, but on the side he has been heading up a project called The Quiet Life.  The Quiet Life is inspired by music, art and skateboarding. Their products are definitely some of the most legit I’ve seen this season. And you have to admit, you can’t go wrong with any company that makes skate apparel and ping pong cases!  Check out some of their products below.


Shop Quiet Life here.


Marc Johnson Answers!

We caught up with Marc last week to answer your questions… Thanks to everyone that took the time to ask! And don’t forget, Marc’s favorite question also wins some cool Matix gear!

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Shop Matix here:

Crailtap Mini Top 5 Contest

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions!  Girl will be picking and filming the winning Top 5 question this week! So stay tuned….

So this is our Mini Top 5 contest… everyone’s familiar with CRAILTAP’s Mini Top 5 right? Of course you are. Basically all you have to do is pick one of your favorite pros from from GIRL, FOURSTAR, CHOCOLATE, ROYAL or LAKAI and ask them a top 5 question (see examples below). Crailtap’s favorite Mini Top 5 question will be answered by that pro and win a years supply of GIRL decks! All questions must be submitted by June 15th.


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Marc Johnson Look-A-Like Contest

Ok  ladies and gentlemen we have a winner… Scott LeFever!! Not only does he look like Marc, he also skates like him too (check the sequence) Nice work Scott!

mj-23 lefever

That’s right folks… You think you look like Marc Johnson? Prove it! Send your photos to [email protected] and we’ll decide who looks like MJ.  Check the flyer below for crucial information about this contest… Oh, and make sure to submit your photos by June 1st.


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Ask the Pros with Marc Johnson

Thanks for all the great questions!! Watch the ANSWERS here!

You know what time it is? It’s time to ask Marc Johnson your questions! His favorite question will win you some cool Matix gear and be sure to have your questions submitted by May 17th. THE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 5/21.


Check out the Matix Industry Profile here!

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Chocolate’s Dump Chunk Series!

If you know anything about the skateboard industry, then you know about The Art Dump. If you don’t know anything about The Art Dump, then I’ll give you a quick heads up.  The Art Dump is, “a group of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California. They are, essentially, the Girl Skateboard Company full-time art department”.  They have each designed a graphic with their take on the Chocolate Chunk, and we have them in stock now! Check them out…


Smoothest style in skateboarding

Who do you think has the smoothest style in skateboarding?  We listed a few of our favorites below… Let me know yours and I’ll put him on the list!    …oh, and don’t worry, you’ll be able to rip on plenty of people next week when we post who has the sketchiest style…

Who's got the smoothest style in skateboarding right now?

View Results

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Hot Dogs, Hessians, Girl & Chocolate

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Reuniting once again and ganging up with industry heavy was the Hessians attack plan for another fall ’08 reunion tour. Our brothers from Neurotoxin brought the jams and the Girl camp came correct with famous faces, plus tons of free gear for the peoples. Hot Dogs were served and best trick contest hosted all through out the Southland of California. This tour is all about YOU! If you missed the experience, just hold tight until summer ’09, we’ll unleash the beast once again! Big thanks to Girl + Chocolate, Analog, Team BK, RTB!, Sabre Vision, Luke Nyguen, Robbie Jeffers @ Zoo York, Nihilist, and most of all Neurotoxin!! See ya next summer!!

Also check out some shots from Santa Clarita Hot Dogs & Hessians below!

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Once again Active gives you a reason to get out the house! We’re bringing the Hessians back to hit your local skate park with a vengeance! This time we’re bringing back up! Analog, Girl, Chocolate, Sabre Vision, Neff, and Vans are throwing down huge with free give-a-ways and team riders! So, slap on a sick bandanna, paint your face like your favorite Kiss member and get ready to slam dance your way into the sickest best trick contest/ BBQ/ concert/ product toss! Everything is free! Neurotoxin will be rocking out once again! Be prepared!!


 Check out the action from last weeks Culver City stop with the Girl and Chocolate crew! Big thanks to all the guys for rolling out and rockin’ down!!

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Cruise out to the Temecula stop tonight and enjoy free dogs, head banging, a frickin’ CAGE MATCH style game of skate!! BooYA!! We’ll be joined by the band Nihilist and DC team riders!! See ya there!!

Continue reading THERE’S HESSIAN STRONG!

Lakai Team Signing Photos

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The Lakai team came out in full effect on Saturday to Active Temecula! Despite the 100 degree heat, hundreds off kids lined up for hours to meet the crew. The Lakai line up consisted of Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Eric Koston and Mike Mo Capaldi, pretty impressive I must say! Thanks again to the entire Lakai crew for coming out and supporting us with this event!