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Adidas Skate Copa Southwest Regionals 2015

Active team riders, Tre Williams, Jordan Hoffart, Chris Joslin, & Chase Webb take first this year on their way defending their title at the Adidas Skate Copa West Coast qualifiers. This year it was at the Westchester Skate Plaza. Stay tuned for the finals in September when they will be head-to-head with each regional shop in the finals!

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Van Doren Invitational 2014 | Shop Battle Results

Skate Shops from all over were invited to a friendly competition at the Van Doren Invitational. Congrats to Active team riders: Chase Webb, Chris Gregson, & Morgan Wolf for taking 2nd place at the shop battle! Check out a photo recap below!

Van Doren Invitational (Photo: Acosta)
Van Doren Invitational 2014 (Photo: Acosta)

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Active Week @ Element Skate Camp!

Sign up for Skate Camp during Active Week w/ Chad Tim Tim! (July 14th-19th)

Register NOW to reserve a spot on http://elementymcacamp.com/us/


Also, get in on this insta-contest!


Win A free week at Skate Camp for you and a buddy!

All you gotta do is:
1.) Take a picture of the sign, or grab a photo of Element YMCA Skate Camp on the web.

2.) Post it on instagram and for a better chance to win, add a message or get creative, maybe even make it a message to Active/Element Pro Chad Tim Tim (@7im7im)

3.) Include #LetsGoToSkateCamp and tag @activerideshop @elementusa!

***Must be 8-17 years old to attend camp! Anyone can enter!

The Active Am Phoenix Trip Video

Active Ride Shop Ams barged one of skateboarding’s raddess contest, Phoenix Am. Featuring the skateboarding of Chris Gregson, Clint Walker, Kyle Walker, Denzel White, David Loy, Ethan Loy, Alex Valdez, and Chase Webb. Thanks to all the locals we had blast! Phoenix every year!!! Filmed by Cady/Cox/Gregson. Edited by Marque Cox. Enjoy!

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Shop Built

Active Shop Vs Shop Footy

Active taking home Silver at X Games 16 Shop vs Shop batlle. Here’s gnar footage from Morgnar himself! Great job boys , you deserved Gold in my eyes!! Theotis, Reemo, Pshebelski, Denzel, Chase and Luke we are so proud of all your hard work and great attitudes!! Howla world, Active Army having fun baby!! Thanks Durso for the pics!

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Active Mini Makeover Vid

Active mini ramp gets a little make-up. Chase Webb and Andrew Durso Battle Skate to the death… watch and enjoy!

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Girl Park Invitational 2010

Girl Park Invitational 2010 – Chase Webb representing with a goodness for Active Ride Shop at the 2010 Girl Park Invitational. Too many amazing people within skateboarding present, to even start to list. In and Out truck is customary and Churrrrrrrroooos are delicious!! Pretty sure the Girl/Choc camp rule by the use of dark magic, which makes everything they touch turn to gold… sign me up! Oh yeah, Chase got second… way to go lil champ!

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Frijoles Blancos Films is a video journal by Active’s TM Corey Cady (aka Frijoles Blancos) or “The White Beans”. He’s a skateboarding luchador who enjoys cute little things! At times he is a “Rudos”, but for the most part, he likes to consider himself a “Tecnicos”. He wears his heroes masks of old and often eats a ton of protein to keep his girlish light heavy weight frame intact! His inspirations are Woody Allen Films, Arnold (70’s), Leigh Bowery, Tommy Guerrero, Antony & the Johnsons, chicken breasts and Tamarindo Jarritos! Frijoles Blancos’ goal is to one day be worthy to dawn his own mask and not to be called, “Nacho” everywhere he goes… One day!


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