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Illegal Civ @ Active Ride Shop

We’re stoked to be having Illegal Civilization here at Active!
Fun Fact: Mikey & the crew first had their premier at our Burbank location back in January 2012 with most of the Burbank Army team riders at the time. Illegal Civ is now online and at our Burbank, Santa Monica, Riverside, & Irvine Spectrum locations. Check out some photos we took from the night they came through at Active Burbank for the launch!

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Illegal Civilization Premier Burbank Active Jan 7th 7pm

Jan 7th 7pm @ Burbank is Illegal Civilization Presented by Mikey Alfred  featuring local bucks from our Burbank area Grady Kinnoin, McCoy Kirgo, Na-Kel Smith, Wheels, Lester Singleton, Alex Riley, Hank Mehren, Alberto Almanza, George Peraza, Kevin Bradley, Mike Cardenas, Edgar “Tarzan” Flores, and Oliver Kinnoin. Click flyer below to peep the trailer, we’ll see you in Spermbank!


Active Army: Burbank Squadron

Our Burbank Active Amry riders in their per-hype OFFICIAL ILLEGAL CIVILIZATION PROMO. COMING SOON Filmed and Edited by Mikey Alfred. Features McCoy Kirgo, Oliver kinnoin, Grady Kinnoin, and Alberto Almanza. Enjoy Dudes!!!

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