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Bro Style: BROTO Show

Good times and good vibes are exactly what you would expect from a Bro Style photo show and they provided plenty of that, along with free beer from Lagunitas. The gallery walls were filled with photos from team riders and their bros and as the clock struck 6 o’clock the gallery was flooded with people eager to take in the music. Girl Tears got the crowd going and even though Leo Romero was slightly handicap’d he and the rest of Travesura put on a great performance as always. Frontman Josh Harmony alongside Grant Hatfield ended the night with a bang letting you know how awesome their band Freckles really is.

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Bro Style BBQ & Skate Jam @ Westchester Skate Park!

The bro’s nailed it at the Westchester Skate Park (Berrics Plaza) in L.A. last Saturday. The park was fully packed with tons of hungry hot dog eaters, skateboarders, and sight seers. The Bro Style team cruised out, hung out, & skated with everyone that was there. It was definitely good times!!!

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