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Adventures with Chris: Dan-Lu Talks Brainwash

“Since filming is in full swing for the Vans video we’ve taken the opportunity to sit some of the team down to look behind the skating. The rest of Season 6 will have your favorite ams, pros and legends dishing the dirt on their classic video parts. This week Daniel Lutheran discusses his break part in Toy Machine‘s Brain Wash video and how he snaked the opener part from J-Lay.”
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Leo Romero – Skater of the Year

That’s right folks!! Leo Romero is 2010’s Skater of the Year!!! He definitely deserves it! The dude has had one hell of a year… Stay Gold, magazine covers, signature clothing, grinding up handrails, Brainwash, Bro-lab shoes



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Best Video Part in 2010?


Who do you think had the best video part this year? I mean, there’s a lot of competition out there! Brainwash, Stay Gold, Hallelujah… Leo, P Rod, Andrew…

I can’t put everyone on the list, but I can put a few standouts…

Who had the best video part in 2010?

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Catching up with Billy Marks

If you know Billy Marks, then you know he’s a gambling man. That’s actually how we became friends. We both play a lot of cards… and neither of us can resist the chance to win someone else’s hard earned money. Or lose our own… Anyways, I recently met up with Billy at a bowling alley by his house to see what he’s been up to. Maybe talk about getting on LRG, Street League, the Toy Machine demo and stuff like that…

I’m not sure how much it is to rent shoes and bowl a few games, maybe $20 bucks a person… but for some reason this little trip cost me almost $400 bucks!!

Next time, I’m making Active pay for it!

If you live in, or anywhere near Norco, be sure and join Billy and the whole damn Toy Machine team at Active for the 3rd Annual Toy Machine Halloween demo!! Sunday Oct. 31st at 2 pm.





Toy Machine premiered Brain wash tonight in Long Beach at The Gaslamp.

How many ways can you change up this marquee?

Ed was at the door to great everyone.

Kevin taped his eyes open to finish the video, now it stays open… wide open.

Opening statement… no mic and it was too loud…

On with the video, BRAIN WASH!

Great part Billy, let’s pour beer on your arm!

(His tongue was out, thought someone was thirsty.)

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Don’t forget! Come out to the Toy Machine Demo this Sunday at Active Norco.
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