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Maloof Money Cup DC Day 1

We are super hyped to be out here in DC for the Maloof Money Cup. Maloof built a sick ass park for the contest. It reminds me a bit of Stoner park or some of the newer street plaza parks in LA and the best part is that they are leaving it here when they leave!

For the first day of the contest Maloof ran the Pro Qualifiers and Semi-Finals. The day was packed with super muggy weather, a small rain delay and a ton of exciting skating. Standouts for me were, Heath Kirchart’s contest appearance, Bobby Worrest, Andrew Reynolds & Collin Provost. There was a lot that went down, but I’ll let the photos tell the story. And ohh, if you are able to get to the contest Sunday, be sure to stop by the Active Ride Shop tent and say hi. If not, you can watch it on streaming on YouTube here.

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Semi Final Results

1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Greg Lutzka
3. Ronnie Creager
4. Bobby Worrest
5. Manny Santiago
6. Collin Provost
7. Bastien Salabanzi
8. Ryan Decenzo
9. Jack Curtin
10. Figgy
11. Tom Asta
12. Vincent Alvarez

KROOK3D – Video Review

I really like the new Krooked video. Not because it has banger after banger… or because it has the biggest names in skateboarding… because it doesn’t.

What it does have is skateboarding! Pure and simple. It reminds you of how fun it is to meet up with your buddies and go skate some street…


Screw parks! Go find some spots and skate some sh*t you’re not supposed to skate. You know, get kicked out because you’re not allowed to skate there not because you’re not wearing a helmet or pads… HA!