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Go Skateboarding Day 2012 PHOTOS

Go Skateboarding Day is every day for the most of us, but on June 21st, it’s celebrated to the entire world! For our part, we celebrated #GSD2012 at our very own Headquarters in Mira Loma, CA!

Big thanks to everybody that came and all the brands for the support of skateboarding!
Major thanks to Monster for the new park set-up which included a vert wall, handrail, four block, and hubba.
Thanks to Vans & Volcom for holding it down on the best trick contest!
Congrats to Daniel Espinoza who won this year’s best trick with a bigger flip front board to fakie on the Monster rail!

(Stay tuned for footage. For now, check out the photos!)

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Active Skate Night @ Black Box Dist.

Active Army Riders & Shop Employees gathered up for a skate night at Black Box Distribution. The guys at Black Box hooked everybody up with a box of free gear, pizzas, and if you were over 21, free PBR’s. Locals such as Jimmy Carlin, Trevor Colden, & Sean Sheffey were also in the park. Thanks Black Box for a good sesh!
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