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Sean Cliver

Sean Cliver an artist, writer, editor, producer and photographer, has worked on several of the Jackass TV series and Movies, such as: Jackass TV Series, Wildboyz, Jackass movies and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Continue reading Sean Cliver

Behind the Ad David Loy

Quick and Sketchy look at Jon Dragonette’s photo shoot of Active Ride Shop Team Rider David Loy. While trials and tribulations abound on scene while shooting any trick, David Loy conquers all haters… much the same with his life. Film/Edited by team manager fuckface charlie.


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Birdhouse World Premiere Photos!

birdhouse premiere

This past Friday, October 12th, Birdhouse premiered their brand new flick that was something like 10 years in the making. Brian Sumner, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos and the rest of the Birdhouse crew including, Active Am’s, Justin Figueroa and David Loy all had insane parts. The Beginning is packed full of footage beginning to end from all of the Birdhouse riders including Tony Hawk himself.

Check out the photos from the evening at Cinespace in Hollywood, CA.


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