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Toy Machine premiered Brain wash tonight in Long Beach at The Gaslamp.

How many ways can you change up this marquee?

Ed was at the door to great everyone.

Kevin taped his eyes open to finish the video, now it stays open… wide open.

Opening statement… no mic and it was too loud…

On with the video, BRAIN WASH!

Great part Billy, let’s pour beer on your arm!

(His tongue was out, thought someone was thirsty.)

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Don’t forget! Come out to the Toy Machine Demo this Sunday at Active Norco.
Skateboarding, music, signing, free stuff, costume contest and watch BRAIN WASH!
toy machine halloween demo

Ashbury Industry Profile

You know when you order something online or buy something from your local skate shop and you can just imagine how that product got there… Some giant corporation with hired temps for employees, people who know nothing about skating or snowboarding mindlessly putting out bad product…

That’s NOT Ashbury.

Nima and crew pull the orders, create the ads, pick the team, design the shades, update the website, etc, etc,… You get my point.

Shop Ashbury here:


Toy Machine Halloween Demo

Toy Machine Halloween Demo

Come Celebrate Halloween with Toy Machine and Active!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009 – 1pm
Active Long Beach
7585 Carson Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90808

Toy Machine Team Demo Featuring: Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Leo Romero, Nick Trapasso, Billy Marks, Johnny Layton, Matt Bennett, Josh Harmony, Jordan Taylor, and Marquis Preston

Come in your costumes and the Toy Machine Team will pick their favorite costume of the day to win a Toy Machine package!

San Dimas Battle of the Boards

 The Wild Stallions hit me up about a battle of the bands, but I told them to kick rocks cuz I was jammin to the SD park for the battle of the boards. Ofcourse I ran a double pits to chesty, it’s the best move a guy can make, before I ran up on these totally shredding skaters and was all. “You guys ready to batlle, cuz I gots gnarly prizes from Sabre Vision, Royal, and Active. Oh and trip on this Toy Machine and Fallen proffesional Billy Marks is on his way to sign his John Hancock all over this place dude!  Where’s  Shady Dave?”

 After the carnage, Denzel was all like, “I won!” and stuff. But then Steven Muro was all “Second dude”, and Little Mark was like, “Third turds and I don’t even care cuz I was Mexican Blanket Champion when Frijoles Blancos came around and set this place on fire. What now?” Excellent!!

P.S. San Dimas High School Football RULES!

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Billy Marks Mini Ramp & Mini Interview

Billy Marks and Active homie Daniel Duarte stopped by Active yesterday to hang out and skate the mini ramp. Of course, while Billy was here  I had to put him on the spot and ask him about Blak Taffi, Toy Machine socks,  and what he’s been up to. Billy isn’t the best at being interviewed so Daniel jumped in and helped ol’ Bill out. Check out the video, hopefully you can courageously make it through the whole thing and enjoy thoroughly. Don’t mind the editing, we’re still getting used to our programing. I am going to try to do a lot of these flipcam videos so get used to it!

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Billy Marks A Day In The Life

Where do I start? This was a super long day. Or at least it felt like that. Billy called me and told me to be at his house at 9am the next day, I asked him why so early, and he said, “you’ll see.” I had to leave my house at 7:45am to make sure I got there on time, with no idea of what to expect. I thought we’d go to a spot and film Billy doing cabflips down 10, or nollie laserflips up euro gaps, or something similar to that. I had no idea Billy loved beer so much. Anyway, I get there, and this dude answers the door in a wrestling mask, and takes me to a fridge full of beer. Amazing! I remember him saying it was 150 beers. And I found out, his goal was to drink all of them by the end of the day. I did learn one thing from this experience though, it is hard to film after drinking all morning, and being hungover by 3pm. Hope everyone enjoys the vid.Video by Daniel Haney

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