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LE Best Trick Video & Photo Recap

Life Extention had done it again! The Best Trick contest on the O.G. Chino 4 Block went on and not only on the 4 block but on “The Peak” too! All in all a great time, BBQ, endless pizza. Thanks to all the homies who came through that day! Here’s the video & photo recap!

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Emerica Signing & Demo Recap

A ton of raging Emerica fans rolled up to Active Chino Hills to meet their favorite team riders. A solid turn out at the shop. The demo was even more intense. Right when we rolled up to Ayala Park, non stop shredding was going on. The park was packed with many onlookers watching the Emerica team shred. It was almost hard to keep track of what every rider was doing as tricks were unpredictable at some times.

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The Quiet Life & Knox Hardware BBQ @ Ayala Park

Photos from The Quiet Life & Knox Hardware Summer BBQ tour at Ayala Park in Chino! Thanks to everybody who came out and fought the heat! Good times, as always. If you were there, reminisce the event with these photos.
If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed out on:

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The STITCH: Girls Can Skate Too – Brittney Conrad

The other day at the skatepark I was awestruck by a long-haired blonde beauty who was shredding tranny.  I immediately had to meet this girl and ask her a couple of questions.  It’s not every day you get to see a fellow lady killing it at the skatepark.  She goes by the name of Brittney Conrad, and she’s repping it for all of us ladies! She also is the newest member of Chino Hill’s Active Army team! Get to know her name, this chick is definitely going places!

Filmed & edited by Ryan Neddeau

Song: Did You See the Words by Animal Collective

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