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ABC Hat Co Now at Active

ABC Hat Co is a new offering from Andrew Reynolds, Marc Johnson, and Atiba Jefferson. These legends have finally created hats that are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing. ABC has a lot of heavy hitters repping their hats so you know they must be good! We are proud to now be carrying this rad brand.

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The MCHN Presents: Disposable Photo Show Recap

I was honored & really stoked to be a part of this photo show when my friend Mike Glory from Us Versus Them asked me to be in it. With some of the big name photographers and skateboarders such as (name dropping just to name a few:)  Atiba Jefferson, Estevan Oriol, Keith Hufnagel, Haroshi, Amy Frederick, Graham Nystrom, Teebs, Will Nichols, John Cardiel, Rob G, Robbie Jeffers, Posdnuos, Skypage, & Rob-Jest

I really couldn’t keep my cool on this one, this doesn’t happen everyday.
The photo show is running at New Image Art in West Hollywood until Nov. 1st, 2014. If you’re in the area, stop by the gallery to check it out!
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MCHN Presents Disposable Photo Show

Building upon an ongoing project, Disposable: A Photo is a tribute to a period in time when people shuffled through and held photos in their hands. This exhibition shares it’s allegiance to 90’s era values of resourcefulness and thrift and serves as an homage to the disposable camera and the 1 hour photo processing experience. Cheap / easy with a fast food type quality, speedy prints document the destruction. The 1 hour photo exhibit is also a subtle nod to a generation that preceded this shift in photography’s direction. Calling upon those who have had their hand in this process of picture taking and photo collecting and recall curiosity being key in it’s experience.”

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eS’ Footwear Game of Skate & Atiba Book Release Wrap-Up

We fired up the Active Van, got a few riders and some homies together then headed out to the good ol’ Venice Beach for the first stop of eS’ Game of Skate this past Thursday.

Active Army rider Tanner Lawler was out there competing and congrats to making it to the top 12!

After cruising around Venice boardwalk and skating the skate park we made our way out to Hollywood for Atiba’s book release.

Big ups to Mark Waters and Atiba Jefferson!

Check out photos to see what you missed!
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Atiba Photo Shoot

Atiba Jefferson is a master! Check him getting down while shooting Mike Vallely and Jordan Hoffart for an Active Ride Shop ad campaign.

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Frijoles Blancos Films is a video journal by Active’s TM Corey Cady (aka Frijoles Blancos) or “The White Beans”. He’s a skateboarding luchador who enjoys cute little things! At times he is a “Rudos”, but for the most part, he likes to consider himself a “Tecnicos”. He wears his heroes masks of old and often eats a ton of protein to keep his girlish light heavy weight frame intact! His inspirations are Woody Allen Films, Arnold (70’s), Leigh Bowery, Tommy Guerrero, Antony & the Johnsons, chicken breasts and Tamarindo Jarritos! Frijoles Blancos’ goal is to one day be worthy to dawn his own mask and not to be called, “Nacho” everywhere he goes… One day!!

Theotis Beasley Ad & Video Interview

Active Ride Shop launches its new Ad campaign in the latest issue of Transworld Skateboarding magazine.

With our new Ad campaign we wanted to represent skateboarders that are truly inspiring not only to us, but to our entire industry. Who better to capture that than Atiba Jefferson?

Ladies and gentlemen… Theotis Beasley.


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