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Anthony Acosta’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

Lately, we hit up Active & Vans team riders, Dan-Lu & K-Walks about their whole experience traveling the world for the Vans Propeller premier tours. Today, we ask the world-renowned Vans photographer, Anthony Acosta. Anthony even shared with us some of the rad photos he took from the trip.

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Glen E. Friedman @ Pizzanista!

Glen E. Friedman, the man who has documented most of the iconic & classic photos that you might have reblogged on tumblr at this day & age. The era from the early rise of skateboarding, punk, & hip-hop culture. His book “My Rules” features many timeless photos from skateboarding legends ranging from, Tony Hawk to Duane Peters & as well as musical legends such as Minor Threat to Public Enemy. Here are some photos I took from meeting one of my favorite photographers at my favorite pizza place, Pizzanista!

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Ed Templeton: Synthetic Suburbia

No need for a long write up & introduction here. Ed Templeton‘s art speaks for itself (you can read more about the exhibition on Juxtapoz, if you want). After a long day of doing nothing, I decided to go out and see Ed’s art show (exhibit), “Synthetic Suburbia” at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Culver City/L.A., C.A. Here are 36 photos I took at the public opening reception on Saturday.

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Ben Horton’s “BLIND SPOT” Art Show Recap

Ben Horton, the mastermind artist behind $LAVE Skateboards, had an opening reception of his solo show, BLIND SPOT at the Hill Street Country Club art gallery in Oceanside. The exhibit will be up until May 13th. So check back with the gallery for more info if you’re around Oceanside. For now, check out some photos I took at the opening.

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#CONSPROJECT #LA Making & Designing Skate Decks

Had a fun time in L.A. with CONS Project. CreateASkate‘s Chuck Hults‘ & The Hager bro’s Cody & Jared were there teaching kids how to size, shape, & make decks along with $LAVE Skateboard‘s Ben Horton & Converse Cons Lurkville‘s, Dolan Stearns on art design on decks. Here are a few photos from that day.

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Harmony Korine Raiders @ Gagosian Beverly Hills

Went and checked out Harmony Korine‘s “Raiders” opening at gagosiangallery the next day after the deadbeatclubpress opening with slow-culture. I was so spaced out walking around not realizing the photo ops of people that were there that night. I’m a big fan of Harmony’s films Gummo, Kids, and more after watching about him in the Beautiful Loser‘s film. This was my first time seeing his abstract art pieces.  The show runs until Feb 14th. Check out the gallery‘s site for more info on the show.

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Sean Cliver

Sean Cliver an artist, writer, editor, producer and photographer, has worked on several of the Jackass TV series and Movies, such as: Jackass TV Series, Wildboyz, Jackass movies and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Continue reading Sean Cliver

Thrasher ‘Zine Thing

In release of the Swank Zine Tea Pot Re-Issue deck, Thrasher x Swank Zine sponsored by Vans to support the party. A list of zine-sters from Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Mike Burnett, Sam Hitz, Ed Templeton & The Deadbeat Club, & The Shep Dawgs crew were selling & trading out zines with everybody! Here are some photos:

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