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ABC Hat Co Now at Active

ABC Hat Co is a new offering from Andrew Reynolds, Marc Johnson, and Atiba Jefferson. These legends have finally created hats that are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing. ABC has a lot of heavy hitters repping their hats so you know they must be good! We are proud to now be carrying this rad brand.

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Emerica Signing & Demo Recap

A ton of raging Emerica fans rolled up to Active Chino Hills to meet their favorite team riders. A solid turn out at the shop. The demo was even more intense. Right when we rolled up to Ayala Park, non stop shredding was going on. The park was packed with many onlookers watching the Emerica team shred. It was almost hard to keep track of what every rider was doing as tricks were unpredictable at some times.

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Emerica Demolición

Once again, the Emerica team came, saw, and not only conquered the Active Park, but tore it up into pieces (figuratively). When we talk about demos here, we mean pure destruction, a demolition; or one might say, “Demolición“. With names like, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, Justin Figueroa, Jerry Hsu, lest not we forget the legend of Heath Kirchart, here in the building, you’re bound for a real treat. Anyone that was there that day left with their minds blown, like they just seen Made In Emerica Chapter 1 or This is Skateboarding, Stay Gold, etc. So for this piece, we gotta add the Emerica filter, “green is fo’ tha money and gold is fo’ the honey!!!

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Dave Anderson: Andrew Reynolds’ Fakie Flip Contest WINNER

Remember Dave? He won the Watch & Learn w/ Andrew Reynolds contest last September and we finally got the chance to fly him out from his native homeland, Florida. We picked him & homegirl up at the airport today to show them the California life.

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Slash Picking the #KeeperContest Winner…

On 4/20, we met up with Active Pro, Brian “Slash” Hansen at Garvanza Park to help him pick a winner for the Keeper Contest we had going on our Instagram along with Birthday Boy Figgy, The Boss, & Jeremy Adams from The Skateboard Mag.

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