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Jordan Hoffart Adio Welcome Video

Jordan Hoffart is one of the tightest dudes you’ll ever meet. I’ve had the chance to hang out with him on a couple occasions and good times defiantly defines Jordan. He just got put on the Adio squad and here’s his “Welcome to the team” video. Congrats to you mate and keep on rolling!

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Active Rider Zach Miller Interview

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Zach Miller hails from down south and is one of the raddest skaters in the area. His last name should sound familiar, as he is the son of legendary Professional Skateboarder Chris Miller. Zach answered some questions for all of you out there to get to know him a little better.

Date of birth: 7/8/89

Hometown: Del Mar, CA

Sponsors: Adio, Billabong, Element, Nixon, Bones, and Active of course!

What’s your current set-up? Element Helium 8.12, Thunder 147’s, Bones 56’s, Bones Swiss. When I am on a vert ramp; Element Helium board 8.25, Thunder 149rs, Bones SPF 58’s, Bones Swiss.

At what age did you first start skateboarding?
I started skating when I was probably 3 or 4. Dropped in vert when I was 9 years old.

Who has been your biggest influence in skateboarding? Well my Dad is a big influence, but also all my friends I get to skate with every day.

Is there anywhere you’d like to travel to skate? I just got back from a trip in GTMO in Cuba. That was a really cool trip. I would really like to go to Japan and go to Europe some more.

What’s it like having a legend as your Dad? I can’t imagine having a dad who didn’t skate, it’s cool. It has given me a lot of really good opportunities in the skateboarding world, I am grateful for that. I am lucky.

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