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Mondays with Mike V

 It’s Monday! And you you know what that means! Time to start your work / school week off right with Mondays With Mike V. Episode #6 features Mike and Ben Raybourn skating the private ramp at the Vans corporate offices then it was off to the Vans Skatepark at The Block in Orange, CA for the Pro-Tec Pool Contest. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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Hoffart High

Jordan Hoffart jumps in the Active A-Team Van, stops in at our Mission Valley store  and heads to a  local high school to spread his skatelebrity love! Being the good sport he is, I convinced him to play S.K.A.T.E. with the students… he killed em’ of course, but we somehow found a way to mock up a winner. Kids were stoked and all the girls fell in love with our champ. Enjoy!

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The Brothers Hill

The Brother’s Hill doin’ it! Active Pro Garrett Hill and Active Am Gantry are such rad dudes and have that spice of life that I love. It definitely shows in their new Digicam part!! Part 6 of the Digicam saga features Garrett and Gantry Hill with our pals Tyler Gergen, Nigel Alexander, Christophus, Nate Broussard, Aleks Lewandowski, and Pat Brennan.  Enjoy!!

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