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A Night To Remember #activearmySF Day 2

Early morning wake up call.

Daily game of skate.

First spot of the day, right straight of the bat… can you guess who got the first clip?

Can you tell by his face? Yeah, Denzel got the first clip… Obvi!

Stephen Muro walking thru air.

Some heavy metal for the spot.

Power slider riders.

And we out.

This goliath.

To hill bomb into a smiling Mikey.

Dragonette making the shot.

Pizza party.

Skate video in the pizza parlor, “Nailed it!”, Marque.

Arm chair bandits on the sidelines. “You need more spin, turn your shoulders!”

This was the only photo that survived the night… A night to remember.

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Roadkill #activearmySF Day 1

“When you’re on time, something’s wrong.”

Active took 6 Active Army riders up to SF to shoot the Holiday catalog. I jumped in the van and tagged along for the trip.

Meet up for departure at 7am..

8am, Let’s skate the warehouse…

10am, We are not all going to fit in this van, what’s plan b?

Domo setting up a freshy

11am, HIT THE ROAD!!

Co-pilot: Denzel White

1pm, Two hours later, pit stop. Pow wows and stretches in the middle of nowhere.

Active Art department is on the trip! Only missin’ you Andrew!

Roadkill – You definitely took something out.

Made it into SF, settling in.

First things first, stroll around town.

Met up with Brad Burt and he invited us over for a night sesh on his mini.

Cruise in the house after the cold session and went throughly thru a Thrasher.

Let’s go through it again, just incase we missed something!!

Called it a night, had an early morning skate mission.

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Active Army: Ryan Donovan

Thousand Oaks team rider Ryan Donovan has overcome a strange ear slam injury in recent history and considering he had to re-learn how to balance, this part is an absolute miracle! Active Ride Shop is very proud to have Ryan’s spirit and passion for all that is skate within it’s walls! Stop by T.O. on a good day and maybe he’ll grip your board and tell you where the local hot spots are. Enjoy!!


Active Army @ Street League 2012 VIDEO

With a special invite from DC the Active Army had an hour enjoy the Street League fresh cement. Big thanks to DC, Jefferson Pang, and Monster for coming through! Featuring Chris Harris, Matt Miskel, Jeremy Leabres, Anthony Pshebelski, Alex Valdez, Ryan Alvero, and Denzel White. Enjoy!


Behind the Catalog Summer 2012 Video

See the tricks and the fine gentlemen Behind the Catalog Summer 2012 shot by Jon Dragonette featuring the skateboarding of Active Ride Shop Team Riders Denzel White, Ryan Alvero, Miles Wright, Dominic Walker , Gonzalo Hernandez, Chris Gregson, and Nate Delgado. Filmed/Edited by Team Manager Corey Cady song “Executioner” by Freedom Hawk. Enjoy!



Active Army: Mikey Molina 2012

Just getting started is Mikey Molina skateboarding for Active Ride Shop San Dimas. David Payan on the film/edit with additional filming from the homies. Great times continue with Active because of it’s great people! Enjoy!!


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