Syndrome Distribution Open House Skate Jam


Syndrome Distribution's (Plan B, Silver, and FKD) newly design team park has just been completed!! Active was invited out to get first crack at it before a big Grand Opening for the ASR trade show went down. A lot of new San Diego heads rolled out to join Active riders and employees. These were fresh faced rippers from the recently opened Las Americas, Chula Vista, and Mission Valley Active stores. Everyone came correct w/ big smiles, a healthy appetite for pizzas/ sodas:damn boys slow down, that's heart attack food! Big proper's go to Oscar Agra for coming out of a coma (knocked on the 7, after landing a ton good guys!!) to be awarded the “Ultimate Warrior” for the night. Honorable mentions go out to Daniel Rodriguez, Saul, Mike Runyan, Austin Lycans, Anthony, Dakota, Costa Crew, Tustin homies, and all of the new guys whose names I already forgot, but look forward to getting to know in '08!! And a very special thanks to Dave Andrecht for the invite and for putting the sick “Ultimate Warrior” prize package together, complete with the former WWF character's image all over the box! Rock on brother!! Syndrome park, super fun:


Here’s a link to the video footage from that session: Please give Jesus Grajeda [[email protected]] credit for the video