Supra/KR3W Signing Photos…

The Supra signings went off like a bomb filled with bombs! With this team making an appearance to sign autographs, you better believe people drove from far and wide to Brea and Irvine Actives to catch a glimpse, snap a photo and get their personal stuff and limited edition posters signed. If you were there, thanks for coming. The crowds were hyped with TK, the Muska and the rest of the star studded team there representing and there’s no way this is the last you friends of Active will be seeing of the Supra and KR3W teams within Active.

TK is also coming out with a movie that is about life and skateboarding with Rob Dyrdek that I’ll get additional details about and fill all of you in.

Thanks to Supra/KR3W, Angel, Steve & Active for hooking this up and making it as fun as it was.