Summer job??

  It’s officially summer!  I’ve started riding my bike around town, putting ice in my drinks, wearing cut off jean shorts, sweating, etc.  I’ve smashed all my winter snowboard gear into a couple bags to ferment for the next 5 months; maybe the Thrift store is a better idea for that.

   Anyways, now that I won’t be taking pictures of snowboarders n’ such, I’m going to be looking for something to keep me preoccupied for the next few months.  …actually if the right opportunity came about I would do in for an indefinite amount of time.  

  My first plan is I have a bike tour coming up next week, that is a continuation of a trip I took last fall with Pierre from People Films.  That tour was from Washington to San Francisco, and lasted 10 days.  This one is going to be from the point we left off, the Golden Gate Bridge, and traveling along the coastline to the Mexico border.  We’re going with ThirtyTwo’s marketing manager Brian Cook, and Ben Gavelda from Transworld Snowboard Magazine.  They have a limited time off work, so we have to finish this one in 6 days.  Total distance is a little over 600 miles.  I hope there isn’t too many hills.

  When I get back, I’m going to need some projects or work.  Anybody hear of any job opportunities they could pass along to me??  I’m multi-talented, so I’m available for any job these days.  If so, please help me out and give me a shout- [email protected]  , or pass along that info to anybody.  I don’t suppose any snowboard companies need an ex-pro on the team?  jk!

  Check this photo from last month.  Right after I was finished shooting with Nick Dirks, I strapped in and went for a couple tuck-knee indy grabs.  I still got that tweak!  Check for the cameo in VideoGrass.