Suffer the Joy – The Madhouse Premiere

The Suffer the Joy Video premiere had over a thousand skaters fromall over the place united and migrated onto the streets of Long Beach for an evening that turned sour. The night started off seemingly fine, soon thereafter the first showing of the video was over and the tenants inside were exiting as all of the 1,000 people outside were trying to get in, including me and everyone else that had stuffed their body into a 10 foot wide walkway in hopes that they may get an eyeball by Ed Templeton or one of the people who warranted entry to those in line. Seeing a couple people I know making a mosh like motion towards the front of the line was the breaker and from there it was on. I got the gracious okay from Ed himself and entered the facility. Watching the video full of some of Active's finest was great. Johnny Layton, Matt Bennett and Billy Marks did not disappoint. Suffer the Joy meets and exceeds all expectations. The first thing on your Christmas list this year is the new Toy Machine Video 'Suffer the Joy'. To end the story of the premiere, by the time the second showing was over the front door to the theatre was torn off. There were around 200 riot police and kids had been arrested and detained throughout the second showing. Broken glass and unhappy faces covered the streets all in the name of skateboarding. 

Thanks to Jeremy Adams for letting me use his photos!