Style, Naturally:Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes

One magazine I look forward to most every month is NYLON.  From cover to cover it’s full of all that’s new in art, music, fashion, and beauty.  I was looking through a recent issue the other day and stumbled across an article on Summer Rayne Oakes, a 24 year-old environmental scientist, entomologist, model, and fashion designer (to name a few) who has made it her job to put to rest the myth that eco-friendly fashion and beauty means that you have to sacrifice style.  She also, in the midst of all of this, found time to write a book!  Style, Naturally, a style-guide for girls who, like you and me, love style but might not always have “green” in their vocabulary.  It’s a wonderfully beautiful book that joins hundreds of amazing photographs with personal insight, resources, factual information on eco-friendly fashion and beauty, and profiles on some of our favorite brands and designers who are choosing to make sustainability a priority.  

TOMS shoe drop

One brand mentioned is TOMS shoes and their amazing ‘one for one movement’, where for every pair purchased TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Summer joined TOMS on one of their shoe drops to South Africa and helped place 50,000 pairs of shoes on children’s feet.  In her book she mentions their use of local and natural materials, as well as TOMS’ new eco/vegan shoe.  We sell TOMS at a few of our Active Stores, as well as online.  Go pick up a pair!  I have a few, and I love them!  If you find yourself at your local bookstore, or browsing around, I definitely suggest you check out Summer Rayne Oakes’ book, Style, Naturally. Even if you’re not a  “green” enthusiast, it’s an amazing collection of images and information for any girl out there who loves fashion!Check out this video on what inspires Summer, and what motivated her to write this book!