Stoked Sessions Wrap


Art show and fundraiser for Stoked Mentoring went down at Upperplayground in Downtown LA. The Insight Garage Artists lended a hand by donating works, with 100% of the profit benefiting Stoked Mentoring.

Stoked Mentoring is a non profit action sports organization for at risk youth with the mission of developing Successful Teens with Opportunity, Knowledge, Experience, and Determination through the use of action sports, mentoring and coaching. They want your help!

Founder Steve Larosiliere, along with Co-founder, Sal Masekela believed that the courage and perseverance needed to learn action sports would be an ideal way to teach those life skills to at –risk and disadvantaged youth. Combining life lessons with the power of mentoring and a supportive community, Stoked Mentoring was born. Through Stoked, teens gain a supportive, encouraging mentor along with a team of people determined to see them succeed.By introducing mentoring pairs to action sports, the very things many of us were warned against are now creating a positive environment and a foundation for teens. And one teen at a time, counterculture WILL change the world.

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