Steve Berra – Mastering Life

berra 2

Our friend and pro team rider Steve Berra dropped by Active yesterday to say hello and pick up supplies for his and Eric Koston's skatepark, The Berrics.

Steve has been taking welding classes all week so that he can now build any rail his heart desires. Steve is now a master welder after sitting through a rigorous training course all week long, quite commendable.

Steve is also busy filming for his Alien Workshop video part and has been skating a ton and putting his new facility to use. Some of The Berrics regulars are Eric Koston, Steve Berra, Erik Ellington, and Andrew Reynolds. A lot of Active love in those walls.

Keep your eyes peeled for lots more to come from Steve Berra and The Berrics.


My friend says he visited it because his friends dad has the hook-ups. He tells me its in Downtown LA. He says it just looks like a random warehouse, so you can’t really spot it. Mind you none of this is confirmed to 100% truth because I have never seen it sooooooooooo yeah.

its private, and also hidden. which means the public cant skate there, just friends of steve berra and koston. steve berra did this with another place for DVS before