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Message From HQ:
Fellow Agents:

It brings us immense pleasure here at Stereo to announce that the agency has taken the independent route. We recently relocated our headquarters to an undisclosed location in Los Angeles and are fully operational again. All systems are officially a go! We wasted no time setting up shop and have been working feverishly on a new fall line that you will undoubtedly appreciate, embrace, and enjoy. The sneak preview of the line we displayed at ASR was incredibly well received amongst those in attendance.

Special thanks to everyone that made it out to the Stereo/Etnies/Kangol “Agency Jet Set” party on September 8th. What a night! Additionally, we are currently in the midst of putting the final touches on a slew of highly classified projects and collaborations soon to be unveiled. For up-to-the-minute updates on these projects and collaborations as well as all other agency news, happenings, and shenanigans be sure to frequently check our website at There you will also find encrypted codes and subliminal message containing all the secrets to the universe.

There are a lot of things in the works right now here at Stereo. Our primary goal for utter world domination is almost within reach. It is our time now, fellow Agents. Those not onboard with this takeover will soon perish. Mark our words. Judgment day is nearing. In the meantime, however, be patient and spend some time studying and digesting the in-depth agency briefing we have provided you with below.

Clint Peterson, Tony Silva and our beloved filmer Cole are across the pond visiting Olly Todd and Benny Fairfax in Europe. Best believe there are some covert agency antics going down on this trip. These boys are on a serious mission to obtain footage for our upcoming film tentatively titled “Jet Set Agency”. Word on the street is that the gang recently went to the island of Majorca with the WESC crew, photo documentation soon to follow.

Did anyone see Benny’s massive frontside shove-it in last month’s Krux ad?! Now that, ladies and gentlemen, was proper!

In other news, Clint is working on an artist series shoe for Osiris. This is one of many subsequent shoe projects you can expect to see from the Agency’s favorite yacht-man.

There are all kinds of things going on in Daniel Shimizu’s world right now. Not only has he been filming religiously for the new Stereo video, but he’s been putting in hard work for the Nike video as well. Daniel has also been working side-by-side with Seu Trinh on an interview scheduled to appear an up-and-coming issue of Transworld. Be on the lookout for all these goodies and more to come from Daniel.

We here at Stereo would like to take a moment to express how proud we are of Danny Renaud for landing the cover of Slap Magazine a few issues back. Way to go, Danny! Danny is currently in Florida filming for the new Stereo video as well as for the new Static 3 video (which we are all eagerly waiting to see).

In addition to filming for both the Stereo and Nike videos, Danny Supa has been working diligently on two interviews. No, your ears are not deceiving you, Agents.

Co-Captains Chris Pastras and Jason Lee have been extremely busy as of late, but then again when are they not? The two literally hit the ground running, burning the midnight oil as they worked tirelessly to set up the new Stereo headquarters.

Pastras recently guest hosted another week of The Daily Habit for Fuel TV that’s scheduled to air in the next couple of weeks. He also participated in the Glue Network Mural Project at ASR helping raise over $18,000 for two amazing non-profit organizations: Keep A Breast Foundation and SurfAid International.

As for Jason, he’s been busy filming for the second series of America’s favorite TV comedy show My Name is Earl, and recently wrapped up a photography project for Anthem Magazine #20, available now on newsstands worldwide.
Three cheers to Agents Fairfax and Todd of Team UK for winning Red Bull’s Seek and Destroy III contest! What a feat! There was a strong Agency presence in this year’s line-up as Agent Renaud was also in the mix representing team Florida. Make sure to pick up the November issue of Skateboarder Magazine for the in-depth article and free full-length DVD. Here’s a link to the trailer.

Big News! The Agency has been awarded Stuff Magazine’s annual Style Renegade Award and will be featured in the new issue scheduled to drop on September 28th. Definitely make sure to pick up a copy of this magazine, Agents. You will not be disappointed. There is mucho Agency coverage scattered all throughout the pages.
Sound Agency members recently took a trip to New York for the Stereo/Kangol collection launch party and the WESC store opening. Both events were an enormous success!

The team also managed to get some skating in on this trip, which inadvertently led to racking up a handful of tickets. It’s all good. The footage we acquired on this trip made it all well worth it. Much love and respect to our East Coast friends and family! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Giving back to the community and celebrating the launch of the Stereo/Kangol Collection, the Sound Agency recently held an online auction benefiting Art Share LA, a non-profit organization which teaches the power of creative expression to at-risk students and families throughout Los Angeles. Pastras contributed a hand painted Kangol hat, while Lee donated an autographed limited edition Series 3000 deck. Additionally, all of the remaining Chris Miller “Cats” decks were auctioned off as well. Stereo would like to thank all those who generously participated in and made this event possible.

Have you been searching for some Stereo Sound Agency artwork for your cell phone?Well, look no further, Agents.You can now go to and download Stereo wallpapers and screensavers for your mobile phone.Be sure to thoroughly browse this website, because they put together a nice little pod cast for your visual pleasure.

Agents, we’ve got a winner!A big round of applause goes out to Brandon Mendez of San Antonio, TX.You have won a 45 Series deck of your choice as well as other Stereo goodies!

Our next contest, The Spooky Agent Halloween Special, will be a exclusive. Check our newly rebuilt page at for details. The winner will receive a limited edition Stereo deck of their choice and a trick-or-treat bag filled with other Stereo goodies that are guaranteed not to rot your teeth.
You have officially been briefed, fellow Agents.You know what needs to be done.Always sleep with one eye open, and remember to check our website frequently for updates:

Until next time, Ciao!

The Minister of Information