“Slice of Life” with Cory Kennedy


For most of us a typical day consists of chores, school, crappy jobs, traffic and/or a variety of other things we have to do that we don’t like. Not Cory Kennedy… This kid doesn’t have to go to school, rides for GIRL, spends all day ripping parks, and has a Roomba to do his chores for him!

Damn…I want a Roomba.

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Mang dis was a cheel wideo. Eye am so stoked to skeight now. But my board is chipped. So eye cannot sk8. Wat will eye do. Active plz help a brother out. But back to the master Corey Kendy. He beast, he buck, he get Shake Junk.

do you know why Cory and Malto always have a big smile on theri face when they skate ?
…I know why,becouse is so easy for them to do tricks they can’t belive it…so of course you’re gonna smile…I would do the same !

umm…corey is a grate skeighter. he can do flatgrond. because that is wat the kids like to watch now a days. witch is a bummer in the summer. know one enjoys watching smooth skeightboarding anymore. just tech ledge tricks and flat ground. so shout out to the boys in claremont califorkneea. and keep skeightin’ and respect the barrics.

for what being loaded already?… no the kid does destroy though i just wish i had his gwop growing up