Skate your Store!

 Once again it’s time to clear out the racks at our store and run a game of S.K.A.T.E. complete with AC to cool us down!

The Skateboarding Luchador “Frijoles Blancos” 
Active Costa Mesa Game of Skate  
Sponsored by Active Ride ShopFriday  August 16th  1pm No early registration necessary and no age divisions. One winner takes all prize package from Active. Active Costa Mesa store located at 2937 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626.


No, you guys are right! San Dimas, Burbank, and Valencia are all due a trip by Frijoles Blancos! Skate or Die fools!

f*ck it if they cant step up n do one at SAN DIMAS active FOO imma HAVE to take the win at this one back home to San DIMAS dogggggg

******* idiots
theyrs not gunna do what you say you stupid jackasses
when will you fuckers stop spamming to do them at where you want them