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Skate The Lake

It’s time to put those pushing skills to good use this weekend. Red Bull is teaming up with Boarding for Breast Cancer for a skate from Santa Monica Pier down to the Redondo Beach Pier to raise money. Click below for more details.

What’s Up LA Skate Crew,

I wanted to get you all in the loop to help spread the word for a killer event this weekend called Skate The Lake LA (, that I have helped support for the past few years.
It is a distance skate event from Santa Monica Pier to Redondo Pier, as a large pack, to raise awareness, support and education for Breast Cancer and the strength needed to endure the lengthy fight against it.

Skate the Lake was created by two skateboarders, Curt Sterner and Check Vogt “Buckley”, inspired by the pain of possibly losing their moms to Breast Cancer. To show their Moms and families how much they loved them and how deeply they cared about their condition, they decided to test their physical capabilities to absolute limits in what they know best by skating around the entire perimeter of their home of Lake Tahoe in support of Breast Cancer.

2005 – Chuck and Curt took the north and west shore of Lake Tahoe with love in their hearts. Chuck’s mom was present, reparations were made, and the sight was one that would have anyone misty with emotion. Curt’s mom was still battling the disease and with increased awareness and flames still burning in the soles of their shoes, Skate the Lake 2006 was off.

2006 – Curt, Chuck and over fifty other skaters took the North and West Shore bike path in Tahoe raising money for research and education of breast cancer. STL 2006 was an absolutely amazing event. Chuck and Curt’s Mothers were both present for the event.

2007 – STL 3 was the first year they launched two separate venues, Tahoe around the Lake, and LA – from Santa Monica to Redondo along the strand.
Through Snow scatters in Tahoe, and the day after our biggest rain storm of the year in LA with sand covering portions the strand, over 300 diehards took to 4 wheels in the name of Breast Cancer. STL 2007 was an acknowledgement of those in pain, a celebration of those who survived and a demonstration of those who care. Curt and Chuck were blessed with both of their families present to celebrate the passion of an event inspired by hope and love.

2008 – This year, tremendous momentum has been created around Skate the Lake. Skaters from all over will pushing pavement to benefit breast cancer and show their support for the cause. The rawness and intensity of emotion has spread from Curt and Chuck to skaters and non-skaters all over the country. Events in Tahoe (last weekend), LA (This Weekend) and Colorado.

Major supporters of this event are Boarding For Breast Cancer, Red Bull, Fuel TV and many more.

Please spread the word to any of your friends, groms, companies, anyone, to come out, skate and support this weekend.

Registration Party at Arbor in Venice on Friday. Event on Saturday.

See you there,


Josh Greenberg
Red Bull North America, Inc.
Field Marketing Manager – LA

We r so there this is a great way for the kids to stay on tract and do something great for humanity……. thank u so much for all the support!!!!

hi, i live in venice and somehow missed this event
would love to have had supported
is there a mailing list for upcoming events?
paul treacy