Skate Mental Contest!

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to Scott DeYager from Long Beach California!!!


Be on the look out for a box of goodies comin’ your way courtesy of Skate Mental and Active!

Brad Staba wants to give you something… but I’m not really sure what?? I guess that depends on how good (or bad) your designs are for this Skate Mental contest. Basically, you just have to come up with a board graphic for them… You might win something, you might not. Haha…It’s totally up to Brad. :)


Just click HERE or on the image below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to [email protected] or you can print out your design and mail it to:

Active 12087  Landon Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

The deadline to submit your designs is August 12th.


Shop Skate Mental here:


Hey Siam, I was wondering if you got my design… I sent it in real late last night, sorry about that, thanks.

Siam, the name is Tavis Redmond. I just sent the email a few minutes ago… I also asked in the email if you would respond.


(tavis)… i can send you an email if you want…what was the name?

(propa) ya i got em! i put them on the computer and took a screen shot of them and sent them over…

the contest won’t end until after this weekend, then Brad will pick someone..

Hey, I mailed my graphic two days before the original deadline and i was just wondering if you received it in time? or should i resend it? it was sent U S priority mail, and the graphic was burn on to a CD.

One was a weiner dog with, and the other was a hand and a foot on a plate. and the name was bradley saine

hey siam, i sent my last two entries through an email and im not sure if they were recieved is the anyway you could tell me if you got them. i don’t want to draw another picture if you didnt even get the last ones for whatever reason

(Dqm)… i sent all the entries to Brad last week… he said he’ll let me know… hopefully this week!

Hey guys… all the entries were sent over to Skate Mental… Brad’s going to check them out and pick his favorite. As soon as i hear from him, you’ll hear from me… :)Thanks again to everyone who entered!!

Hell ya Siam! Keep these contests going man! Ima get on another design cranked outta the ol Dark Factory! Anything this skater digs on personally, whens the dead-line?

what is the exact street address on there i dont think the street name is posted on there

oh…no, it’s just two templates… design however many you want. Top and bottom or just the bottom…or just the top…your choice!!

and the deadline is August 12th

Just wondering why are there two boards… is it to design two graphics or is it top and bottom?