Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine


Check out the lastest lingo from Snowboarder Magazine’s Sicktionary post.

Spotting (Spa- – Tting): In the middle of your trick, Llooking down in the middle of your trick to find your landing. Spotting on your genitalia is not as beneficial to your health.

Black and White (Bla-k – Kuh and Why- – tuh): Photos that lack color… … but not depth. “Tones” is the term used to discuss the shades of black, greygray, and white in each shot. Saying that snowboarders are “toned” is kind of a grey gray matter.

Grain (Grey- nuh): Texture or fuzz on film. High High-speed films, super Super 8, and 16mm have more grain than “slower” films (such as 100, or 200 speed film). If horses were pulling Nicolas, they would be fast, and would have eaten a lot of grain.

Haines, Alaska (Hey -n– Nuz, Al-a Ask-u Uh): One of the premiere heli towns in the world. When the weather is good, the getting is better. When there is not much snow, Nicolas still makes due. snow, Nicolas still makes due. Doing When doing a trick like this, most people would make doo in their Haines, too.

Run – inIn-run (Inn rRuh–nuh Inn): The path between you and your desired shred obstacle of shred. See, Nicolas even has runs in his Haines, too.

Down (Dow –-n Nuh): Comforters and warm jackets are filled with these soft, delicate goose feathers, often found on the baby fowl. When riders go to really cold climates, they go “down.” When crackheads need a fix, they go “down.” That IS is foul.

Down Time Time (Dow-n – Nuh Tie- – muh): The periods when during snowboarding when you aren’t actively pursuing the most epicest shots. Often times, this leads to…

Mini-s Shred (Min-E ee Sh-Redduhredduh): Dorking around on little stuff. Can make for some technically challenging riding (see picture here), or can be an excuse for people of sub-par skill level trying to look good.

Ten Percent Rule (Ten Pur-c – Sent Roo-u – Uhl): When someone wins a purse of any sort, it is customary to donate ten percent of whatever you win to the party pot. If you win a car, you have to donate all four tires.

Snake (snaySnay- – kuh): Someone that either steals your trick, your turn in line, your photo, your partner, dignity, etc. AK Alaska may be a shred heaven, but every Eden has a snake. Check the background guy. T—that photo will be the cover of some German shred mag in a couple months.

Posse (Paw-s – See): A crowd that travels together for reasons of strength, or admiration. It is clear that this posse admires Nicolas’ strength.