Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Sticktionary by Snowboarder MagazineAnother insightful list of termiology from your friends at Snowboarder Magazine.Lift Ticket [Lihft Tik-it] noun: Displayed to show that the bearer has paid handsomely for access to the ski area’s facilities, most notably the lifts.Clipping Tickets [Klip-ping Tik-its] verb: Procuring lift tickets through less less-than than-legal means.Clipped Ticket [Klipt Tik-it] noun: Having one’s ski area privileges revoked for any manner number of offensces.Theft of Services [Thehpht Uhv Ser-vis-siz] noun: The offense that most people caught clipping tickets are guilty of.Surface Lift [Suhr-fis Lihft] noun: A lift in which the passengers remain on the snow as they are pulled uphill.Detachable [Dee-tach-ib-uhl] adj: Any lift that enables the chairs to be removed from the main cable to alter change its momentum during loading and unloading. The best part about detachable chairs is that they don’t want a long-term commitment.Fixed G-grip [Fixxd Grihp] noun: Older lifts that feature chairs which are permanently affixed to the cable.Cabriolet [Kab-ree-oh-lay] adj: An open open-air gondola.Rope tow Tow [Rohp-toh] noun: The first lifts ever created were ropes strung between turnwheels at the top and bottom of a slope. They were propelled by car engines. Today they can still be found on beginner slopes around the world. Known to wreak havoc on gloves.Handle tow Tow [Han-dul-toh] adj: Rope tows which have handles incorporated into their design to promote ease of use.