Sicktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Sticktionary by Snowboarder Magazine

Here some Jib terminology brought to you by Rome’s Yan Dofin, who is no stranger to the “Jib”! Read below to see if you are current with all the jibber jabber on the street!

Smith [smihth] adj: A skateboarding trick that snowboarders once thought they could do. It involves trucks— (which we don’t have—), so leave it alone, ladies and gents.

Firecracker [fi-urr-crahk-urr] verb: Tailpressing down a flight of stairs so your tail slaps each and every step on the way down, making it sound very similar to firecrackers exploding.

Hot Garbage [haht gahr-bij] noun: A frontside boardslide where your board is turned well past the perpendicular 90? mark. The more your tail turns down the hill, the hotter the garbage is.

Michael Jackson [mik-uhl jahk-sun] pervert : A 50-50 slid on your toe edge. The moonwalk of the snowboard world, and popularized by one Scott E. Stevens (but invented by Ricky Tucker).

Usher [uhshhh-urrrr] noun: The antithesis of the Michael Jackson, an Usher is a 50-50 slid on your heel edge. The Usher has been known to bruise more pre-pubescent butts than Michael Jackson himself.

Genesis [jenn-eh-ses] noun: Hitting any obstacle in a side-slip position and landing in a side-slip position. One of the only tricks in snowboarding where the icier it is, the safer it is. If you’re afraid of the ice, then you can’t dance.

Creeper [kre-pur] noun: Found on ledges, a creeper is a handrail that is connected to the stair- side of the ledge, and can be jibbed… carefully. See right side of ledge in this photo.

Hardway On [hahrd-wa on] noun: Spinning onto a jib feature opposite the natural direction that the jib was intended to be spun onto. Example: a switch frontside 270 onto a rail on the rider’s left. Got it? Us eitherNeither do we…

Pretzel Out [preht-zull owt] noun: Rotating frontside 270 out of a frontside boardslide.

Same Way [sam wa] noun: Rotating out of a rail in the natural direction that your body faces. Example: A backside 270 out of a frontside boardslide.

Tail-tap Revert [tale tapp ree-vurt] noun: Tapping your tail and rotating 180? or 360? when you come off the feature you are jibbing.

Donkey Dick [don-kee dihk] gross: A short, flat extension at the end of a handrail. Or, a short, round extendable nub near the testes of a burro. Both can seriously f**k you up.

Burr [buhr] noun: An imperfection in the smooth surface of a feature caused by a board’s metal edge digging in. Often causes further edge catching unless removed or filed off.

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