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Snowboard Magazine Sicktionary

SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE?s Sicktionary: September 2007

This photo was taken in Qu?bec City on my first filming trip of the year. They had plenty of snow, which allowed us to get creative and do some different things. It was a fun setup. Here I am doing a wallride to fakie. Eddie Wall, Nic Sauv?, and I got to hit it for a few hours before it got too dark. We all got something on it, so that was a plus.-Jake Welch

Qu?bec City (Kuh-beck Sit-ee) noun The capital of the Canadian province of Qu?bec, it holds a metric population of 528,595. As Canada?s answer to Salt Lake City, Qu?bec?s rails and ledges are shaping some of today?s most notorious jibbers, including LNP, Nic Sauv?, Ben Bilocq, Max Baillargeon, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Charles Gagnon, Will Lavigne, etc., etc.

Qu?bexican (Kuh-becks-ih-Kan) noun Qu?b?cois. Known for traveling in large, fast-talking packs and making quick work of urban features. Their French-spitting faces confuse even the most eloquent Parisians, and with their frugal ways and diverse exteriors, Qu?bexicans make for an interesting study. They are swiftly becoming the poster boys for new-age progression in urban riding. Tabernac!

Wallride (Wahl-ryde) noun When the base of a snowboard is firmly planted against a wall made of cement, wood, brick, flesh, plastic, or silicone. The implementation of jumps is optional, as well as dragging one hand behind you when on the wall (properly called a ?layback.?) The ?Y? axis is totally the new ?X?.

To Flat (Tuh-Flat) noun Any feature that offers zero transition in the landing area. Commonly found in stair-set ollies, drop-offs after rails or ledges, or parking lot transfers. Properly executed by Mr. Mikey LeBlanc on a regular basis.

Yellow Snow (Yel-loh Snoh) noun A patch of snow that has been urinated on, often to mark territory, practice cursive, or (for those less well-endowed) shorthand. The size and/or depth of the patch determines how much liquid the pisser has ingested. Known to slow down run-ins but speed up the regurgitation process if consumed. Yellow snow, yellow faces, yellow beer, yellow passenger seats?they?re all good revenge tactics.

Flat Base (Flat Base) noun When one?s snowboard is completely flush with the desired surface of the obstacle one is riding, whether it be a wallride, rail, ledge, Giant Slalom course, or jump. The most solid wallrides are ridden flat-based. Not to be confused with ?freebase?? Some tricks are only dope when done flat-based.

Gel (Jell) noun (A) A colored filter placed over a flash or other external light source in order to manipulate a photo?s hue. Can be made of tissue, cellophane, foreskin, or spray paint. (B) Crap that girls and dude-faces smear on their heads in order to manipulate their dead follicles.

Film Crew (Philm Cru) noun The group of snowboarders that one films with. The average film crew consists of one filmer, a photographer, lights, sounds, shovels, generators, drop-in ramps, and drop-out kids.

Tight (Tyyyy-yyyy-tuh) Literally and figuratively, this adjective serves to compliment one?s steeze, from pants to underwear, tricks to headgear, and acne to form and flair on the stick. A tight ass is bad, but having tight-ass style is good. Get it? Tight!

Twenty-year-old Brighton, Utah loc Jake Welch was first seen by the snowboard masses in DC?s acclaimed Mountain Lab video. Jake moved up a few notches on the marquee last season by dropping pillows and hammers alongside JP Walker, Devun Walsh, and Joni Malmi in That. Until Forum completes its two-year follow-up, check out Jake in the new Foursquare offering North, South, East, West, where the whole team treks the globe from the United Arab Emirates to Svalbard, Norway for riding that is off the hook and off the grid. To

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