Show us your Sticks!

Congratulations to Kyle Brandt from Westminster, CA. He has the best sticker job on the mountain!

Who’s got the best sticker job on the mountain? Think you do… prove it! Just snap a shot of your board and go to Active ride shop’s Facebook page and tag your photo to our wall. The board with the best sticker stoke will win a pair of Sabre goggles, Sabre sunglasses, an Active board bag and a bunch of stickers from all your favorite companies… Contest ends Oct 30th.

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Saying that one sport is harder than the other is pure opinion, so no need to get heated over unnecessary beef dudes. Besides, they’re practically the same subculture.

since when are skaters such haters on snowboarding?!
i mean, i know they get all like this when it comes to bmx vs skating but i always just thought that skaters and snowboarders were like ‘friends’. idk i just watch fuel and espn ever since skiing made me a quadriplegic.

haha i think skateboarding is hard but snowboarders cant bail from there boards like skateboarders were strapped in and have to fall with are snowboard attached to us not where a skater can just jump off his board and you only can do rail stairs ledges and etc you dont have jumps that are 50 ft

@snowRYDER! You have got to be high if you think snowboarding is harder than skateboarding. Snowboards don’t have trucks, therefore you can try to front board a rail, get on sloppy and call it a front blunt. Also, skaters ollie onto rails, unlike snowboarders who build little jump ramps to get onto everything. I’ve met a ton of amazing snowboarders who suck at skating but I’ve never met an amazing skater who can’t snowboard.
PS-A wise man once said “how hard can it be, it’s strapped to your feet”.

damn got some haters! i skate and snowboard? actually, most snowboarders skate in the summer and board in the winter…

@snowRYDER! you can do all those on a skateboard too. Its called 50-50, tailslide, noseslide, boardslide, blunt, noseblunt, 5-0. Plus you can feeble, smith, krooked, overkrooks, lipslide, salad, etc. so don’t even talk cuz you don’t know anything about skateboarding.

that’s mean guys. snowboarding is just as much of a sport as skateboarding. if not harder! and plus how many different ways can you boardslide on a skateboard…ONE. how many different boardslides can you do on a snowboard. EIGHT (boardslide, nose press=boardslide, tail press=boardslide, blunt slide=boardslide, 5050=boardslide, 5-0=boardslide) there are many more too. So see, snowboarding is better!