Show Me Your Pirates Contest [UPDATED!]

UPDATE 8-7-08
UPDATED 8-14-08
UPDATED 9-10-08


The Fourstar Street Pirate logo, the skull and crossboards serves as a banner for skaters everywhere to show their intent on pillaging and plundering everything on the street. Over the years, Fourstar Clothing has diced and sliced it up in more ways than can be remembered. Now Fourstar and Active are giving you the chance to make it look however you want. The directions are simple,

  1. Download the Street Pirate logo here
  2. Put your own spin on the logo by coloring it, rearranging it, adding to it, subtracting from it, or whatever else you can think of. Just make it your own.
  3. Send your submission to [email protected]
  4. Check frequently for updates. If we like your submission, (or hate it enough) we’ll put it on the site for everyone to see.
  5. The best Show Me Your Pirates logo submitted will be made into a Fourstar T-shirt graphic for their Fall 2009 collection.

Check out some entries we have received already.
I gotta say I am jealous that I never thought of the Skeletor one.
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Maybe we should print out a “contact sheet” style of all the entries and then take a poll amongst our family and friends in order to determine the winner, just a thought. It certainly would have faster results…

If anyone thinks mine is good can you leave a comment. Mines the one of the crosswalk sign with the guy skating and the pirate logo.

Hey, I posted my entry like two months ago and it still wasn’t posted. I’ve been checking every week and it wasn’t on there. Maybe you didn’t get my entry. Email me if you didn’t and ill send you a duplicate. Mine was the one with the rose.

This was a fun contest, until Active forgot about it. Bummer. I hope they remember eventually and post up some new graphics! Come on guys!

what exactly do you win if your design gets picked? like a few of your tee shirt designs or something?

Can we print it out, draw on the paper, scan it back onto the computer, then send it to you guys?

Joe: There isn’t a better way to do it. Whatever looks best will be picked.

Jim: I will be posting some designs today. Keep checking back here.

The rules on this contest are pretty laid back. There isn’t really a “due” date that you have to have your entries in by. I’d say we’ll announce the winner somewhere around September.

Ah man… I definitely have an idea for this one… Can we say retro meets afrocentric? lol