Shane Cross (1986-2007) R.I.P.

Shane Cross

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Skateboarding suffered a tragic loss today: Shane Cross has passed away.

The 20-year-old was fatally injured while riding on the back of Ali Boulala's motorcycle in Australia. Ali survived the accident but is currently in critical condition.

More details to follow.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to everyone involved and everyone's friends and families, this is a terrible loss and a tragedy.


Here are two links on the accident: Media Release & News Story

Shane Cross and Ali are my 2 favorite skaters and Shane dies it sucks why didnt Andrew Reynolds die or or some **** Shane was such a sick skater and the good ol Ali jumps a 25 stair Ali its not ur fault it was an accident just skate on Shane right now somehow is bustin out a 360 flip over a 11 set ……… Shane we all love u not in a gay way but a good way u know… peace out

damn thats so sad to hear….i had a moment of silence for him…he is a good sk8r and a good guy

R.I.P. Shane Cross
Always Missed But Never Fogotten


Ali Boulala was put in a hospital induced coma to stabilize his condition. As of today the hospital is planning on bringing Ali out of the controlled coma on Monday 12th March.

I actually went to school with shane and my sister was in his year level. its tradic cause a girl in the same class as him only passed away just one month ago. :( there is a lot of friends and family’s out there very broken right now. :( I remember watching his crazy skating skills at school. God Bless ya mate!

This trully sucks, he was an awsome skater who was going to go pro this year and had great style and alot of talent. He still had his whole life ahead of him. This is a huge loss in the entire skateboarding community. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shane Cross

All –

Let’s try and keep the comments respectful in this time of loss. This story is about the loss of Shane Cross. Whoever may or may not be responsible for this tragic accident is certainly not for anyone here to decide.

Out of respect for Shane, inappropriate comments will be removed. Thank You

Don’t drink and drive, Boulala probably won’t be able to skate after this. Right before the flip video this sucks so much. Its just fucked that he died. Even though I never met him its still sad. **** death.

My prays go out to his family and everyone who will miss him, lets hope ali boulala hangs in there and has a quick recovery.

skateboarding is forever and so are the memories of shane cross. you will be missed but never forgotten. ROLL FOREVER!

Rest In peace fool waiting till the flip video to see some krazy footy of u.

Now everyone should learn how to drop in on walls because of this kid.

R.I.P. i was talkin to him on weekend as in the 3/4 at the Globe Double Stack cash thingo got his autograph such a funny guy and also nice u will be Greatly Missed.

It’s so sad to see something like this happen. My thoughts go out to the Cross family.

Rest up Ali. We hope to see you riding here soon!

Shane Ride in heaven for all the homies that miss you down hear your memory will live on.. have fun rippin el toro in heavan the best nosegrind in the buis haha.. Rest In Paradise dog. will all miss you MATE! haha

damn that sucks man shane died so young and ali is injured badly shane’s family i give my condolences and ali get well soon R.I.P shane cross

You did a great job man, skateboarding will miss you a lot. You are one of my favorite skaters. Forever rest in peace my friend you are skating a Flip board in Heaven.